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3D Custom Fabrication

Media Resources has extensive experience in creative multi-dimensional 3D Signage, 3D Custom Fabrication and 3D Prop solutions to get your message and your campaign noticed. A simple 2D billboard extension can add incredible impact to your message.

A 3D sign execution goes the extra distance to make your brand and message really stand out. Our creative team at Media Resources has been at the forefront of custom 3D fabrication for over 30 years, from the days of custom metal fabrication to modeling, hand sculpting & forming. Now in 2016 Media Resources is again at the leading edge of technology & innovation with our 3D Carving & Sculpting capabilities. VISION3D can bring your brand message, trade show booth, brand mascot or product to life – in any shape or size, in multiple duplicate quantities.

The VISION3D system has been designed to let you take on projects of any size or scale by taking our proven artisan creative process, now improved with our new technology. Whether it’s 3D laser scanning, hot wire foam cutting, CNC foam milling or protective coating application, VISION3D delivers leading practices for each step of your production. It’s an end-to-end system that lets you take projects from start to finish in the shortest amount of time possible.  Your 3D custom fabrications, 3D Props and 3D Signs will be made entirely in-house at our North American production facility, from ideation to creation and final touches.


 3D Fabrication Projects